End Game

With the legislative session scheduled to end by May 12, it remains a bit of a mystery as to how it will all come together. The veto of S.103, a chemical bill, could be a signal that the Governor will stand firm on other bills that impose new taxes and fees, or in his view, hurt the state’s economy.
The only “must pass” legislation is the annual state budget before the session can conclude. With total spending, albeit some differences in priorities, close to the administration’s proposed cap, I don’t believe it will be the budget bill that holds up adjournment this year. However, even small differences can create significant obstacles at times.

It remains unclear to me and perhaps others, how the current stalemate on education funding will get resolved in the final days. The Governor has reaffirmed his opposition to H.911, which lowers property taxes but at the expense of a new income tax surcharge (House version). Town clerks aren’t fans on some of the changes either, as the House version requires them to send out two tax bills, one for education and another for municipal government.

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