Job Tate Endorses Harrison

In April of last year, when I was deployed with my US Navy Seabee unit, I had to resign as the State Representative for Bridgewater, Chittenden, Killington and Mendon. When that day came I made it clear to Governor Scott that our district was being afforded the opportunity to send a real game-changer to Montpelier - if he were to appoint Jim Harrison to the vacated seat. Fortunately for the Rutland-Windsor 1 district (and the entire state in fact), the Governor did just that.

There are 3 main reasons I asked Governor Scott to appoint Him.

1.       Jim Harrison is Vermont’s preeminent small-business mind. When Vermont is able to reverse the troubling trends of our mounting costs and disappearing youth, it will be because our business community will have regained its footing. Nobody in Vermont understands this better than Jim. During his 25 years as the president of the Vermont Retail and Grocer’s Association, Jim gained matchless insight into what Vermont’s businesses truly need to be successful and the many ways Montpelier can either help or hobble them. His knowledge is not just of the academic and bar-graph variety. It is salted with real world examples, meaningful relationships across the state and a deep understanding of how our business community lives in harmony with Vermont’s values.

2.       Jim enjoys deep respect, affection and admiration across party lines. During his years as an advocate for businesses and their employees in Montpelier, Jim established an unrivaled reputation for integrity, original thought, good humor and a love of solutions. That has not changed. He showed up ready to work on our behalf in a legislative body eager to hear what he had to say and never doubting that he meant every word of it – knowing he was working in the best interest of his neighbors and not for anyone else. In this hyper-politicized environment we all find ourselves in, Jim is a welcome antidote to the sometimes rigid and tribal nature of modern day political discourse. He is a man that believes Vermont’s path forward should be paved with universal respect, compromise and inclusiveness – and he lives it every day.

3.       Jim gets things done. The obstacles in Vermont’s way are serious ones and they can’t be talked to death. Jim is not only equipped with the skillset, knowledge and temperament to articulate a path forward, he is unusually gifted in his ability to move the ball. He understands the algebra of legislation while still maintaining his clear-eyed grasp of what it all means to you and me…refusing to do anything but work to improve the lives of his neighbors in our beautiful community.

My friends, Jim is a simply outstanding representative. He has raised our district’s profile and worked to bring our concerns front and center. We need him to return to Montpelier and persevere with this important work. I guarantee he will continue to be a results-driven leader motivated by nothing other than being the strong and respected voice our district deserves.

Very Respectfully –

Job Tate

I am both humbled and honored to receive such a strong endorsement from Job, who was elected our state representative in 2014 and again in 2016. Jim 

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